Eco Tours

In addition to our charter fishing trips, we also provide splendid eco tours around the Charleston waters.  An eco tour is one of those "best kept secrets" in that it is terrific bargain to fold into your vacation. We will take up to six passengers on a wonderful two hour inshore cruise of your design.

manatee charleston sc

Backwater Tours and Scenic Cruises

A wonderful way to "see the other side" of the many Charleston area historic sites, the Charleston harbor, and surrounding islands. Our tours provide a much more personal and relaxing way to enjoy the sites and water as opposed to the larger tour boats. See a larger array of the local landmarks. Design your own tour. Enjoy up close boating around places like the Historic Battery, Fort Moultrie, Castle Pinckney and Fort Sumter. Get your cameras ready!

Pelican Charleston South Carolina

Bird Watching - Dolphin Watching

A wonderful excursion watching dolphins play and frolic throughout the creeks and harbor. Many different types of water birds will be on display, including ospreys and pelicans, as they cruise and hunt salt marshes and dive for fish. See our Charleston area rookeries in the Drum Island, Crab Island, Castle Pinckney and Charleston Harbor areas.

Marsh Grass

Shell Collecting

Many of the best places to find shells in the Charleston area are accessible only by boat. Some of the best shell collecting locations are the Bulls Island, Morris Island and Capers Island areas and shoreline. Start, improve or finish your shell collection with us on this trip.