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Inshore, light-medium tackle fishing around Charleston is highly favored and very productive. The environment is packed with wildlife and game fish. Whether you wish to fish hard, fish easy, or just get out on the water to cruise/eco tour, most any area and activity you wish to explore together can be catered to.

Our boat is wide for stability, large enough to go to where you want, and small enough to be shallow water nimble. Some specifics are listed on the Our Boat & Packing List page.


Capt. Jim Dodge's Boat
Fisherman holding a nice redfish

Near shore reefs offer large sheepshead, black bass and spadefish.  In the spring cobia migrate up from Florida, as well as Tarpon a little more into the summer months. Fall into winter has to be the best time period for busy inshore action. The fish have grown all season on plentiful food, and the temperatures are usually comfortable.

Common inshore catches include reds (redfish/spottail bass), trout, flounder, ladyfish and bluefish. If larger,  toothy creatures, such as sharks are on your list, you can catch Spinners, black tips, bonnet-heads, sandbar and other types mostly during the warmer months.

Mt Pleasant SC Fishing Charter

Whatever your water wishes may be, our Captain can safely provide. He has many years of experience on the waters of several states and has experienced all types of weather. Our boat is wide and stable and properly equipped for both shallow water and ocean excursions.

So, get hooked on a Red in Charleston with Charleston Inshore Guide and Captain.

Launching boats at ramps involves exposing your truck or car to the detrimental effects of water, particularly salt. Your vehicle undercarriage may start corroding and degrading. Brake systems, drive train differentials, axels, tail lights, bearings, and more can be affected. A good auto mechanic, such as Irvine’s Auto Repair in Mount Pleasant, SC is a great choice to do periodic vehicle inspections and repair of your towing vehicles.

Many pets love to go for a ride in a boat, however some cats and dogs get pretty nervous and don’t enjoy to experience. Veterinarians and veterinary clinics can explain this, however to lessen stress to your canine and feline friends you should consider our friends at Pet Keepers in Mt Pleasant, SC for your boarding kennel and dog day care needs.

You have big plans for a great day on the water, but you have ignored that tooth ache you have had for a while. When you get out in the bay a few miles, that oral health issue turns into a real day destroying dental emergency. Any Mt Pleasant dentist will tell you that proper regular dentistry is the rule and not the exception. There are so many Mount Pleasant dentists that you really should have no excuse to ensure that your teeth are as ready to go to sea as the rest of you. Have the dental hygienist do the teeth cleaning and get the dental exam to get you all set for your voyage.